OF COURSE: NYC Dem Mayoral Primary Candidates Demanding Audit And Manual Recount

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On June 29th, the NYC Board of Elections admitted that 135,000 test ballots were counted.

A secret meeting which was allegedly illegal was then held:

NYC Election Officials Held Illegal Secret Meeting Over Botched Vote Count?

Trump even released a statement on it:

Trump Responds To Massive Election Problems In New York Mayoral Race

Now, we have this.

Dem primary mayoral candidates have filed lawsuits demanding a recount and audit.

From New York Post:

The top three Democratic mayoral contenders are demanding a manual recount of the June 22 primary election if the final vote count has narrow enough margins — a process that would be a first for the city in modern history.

“It is without precedent in a New York City mayoral race or any citywide office,” said election lawyer Stanley Schlein, who represents former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia in her lawsuit against the Board of Elections.

Garcia, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and lawyer Maya Wiley have all filed similar petitions in court to protect their rights to challenge the election results.

I thought audits were allowed?

I thought questioning election results weren’t allowed? 

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