NYC Election Officials Held Illegal Secret Meeting Over Botched Vote Count?

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Huge update.

According to the New York Post, NYC Election officials held illegal secret meetings over the botched vote count that took place in the New York City Dem mayoral primary.

From The New York Post:

Red-faced city election officials held an apparently illegal, secret meeting Wednesday to discuss the botched vote count that threw the Democratic mayoral primary into chaos, The Post has learned.

Board of Elections President Fred Umane said the board was briefed by staffers about the colossal screw-up that led to 135,000 fake ballots from a test run of the BOE’s computer system mistakenly being included in preliminary results released Tuesday afternoon.

Umane, a Manhattan Republican, said that the test ballots came from one borough but that “the error was made in the general office.”

“We’re still trying to do the investigation. The problem has been rectified,” he said.

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the election mess taking place in New York City:

New York’s Dem Mayoral race is a complete mess.

135,000 “test ballots” were included in the tally.

The NYC board of elections admitted this:

Trump Responds To Massive Election Problems In New York Mayoral Race

Imagine how bad the 2020 election was!

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