We knew Obama’s handling of Iran was a failure but now his own CIA director is admitting it.


Tapper: Let me ask you about the last time there were mass protests in Iran, in 2009, when you were in the Obama administration. Do you think the Obama administration dropped the ball by not more aggressively standing with the protesters, whether on its own or in congress with our European allies and others?

Panetta: Well, I remember that — that movement. It was a much larger protest than what we’re having today. It was based on the Green Party and what happened in the election then. I do think that was an appropriate time for the United States to have sent a clearer message that we stand by those who try to represent the rights of people. That’s what the United States is all about. And it would have been important to have sent that message at the time.

Since Trump has taken office his stance on Iran has been a complete 180 from the Obama administration.

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