Obama admits he didn’t help the citizens of Chicago

    Obama campaigned on the idea of change. One of his 2008 slogan’s “Change We Can Believe In”.

    This slogan was tailored to the residents of inner cities. He promised to make life better for them. He promised to give them hope.

    Instead what we saw is our inner cities further their decline. Poverty, violence, and foreclosure only got worse.

    While those inner cities crumbled Obama worked on his image. Through politically correct rhetoric he tricked people into thinking he was their savior. While they stayed poor his net worth rose.

    He defended riots that further destroyed cities. He defended anti-police rhetoric that ruined the relationship between Police Officers and the citizens of these cities.

    Now I have called out Obama for these injustices on many occasions. I have received backlash for this stance.

    In Obamas first time speaking to the public since leaving Office he admitted that he didn’t do much to help inner cities.

    “I am the first to acknowledge that I did not set the world on fire, nor did I transform these communities in any significant way, although we did some good things,” Obama said.

    “It did change me,” Obama continued. “This community gave me a lot more than I was able to give in return, because this community taught me that ordinary people, when working together, can do extraordinary things.”

    “This community taught me that everybody has a story to tell. That is important.”

    This was exactly the Obama we could expect. A politically correct Obama saying all the right things. The one thing he couldn’t hide from was the fact he failed miserably in fixing inner cities.

    Just remember while Obama is on a yacht with Oprah, skydiving and living in a mansion 2 miles from the White House, the city you live in is suffering from this man’s actions while President. Obama claims he learned “ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things” his actions displayed something different. His actions showed us how to get rich off lying to the poor.

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