NYT OP-ED admits cutting number of beds for aliens detained by ICE a ‘misstep’

An OP-ED for The New York Times written by Anita Isaacs, a political science professor at Haverford College and Anne Preston an economics professor at Haverford College admits that the Democrats added to the federal government bill that cuts the number of ICE beds is a major misstep.


As congressional negotiators were wrestling their way toward a compromise bill to fund the federal government this week, one sticking point emerged: the demand by Democrats to reduce the number of beds for immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And while the details are complicated, Democrats claim that the legislation, which President Trump is expected to sign Friday, will bring the number of beds to 40,520, down from 49,057.

But while well intentioned — the list of problems with the immigrant detention system is long — if the Democrats gets their way, they will likely make conditions much worse for the tens of thousands of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers in limbo on both sides of the border.

Cutting back beds highlights two major objections to the detention system. First, the system is an integral component of a private prison-industrial complex owned by a handful of companies, whose profits rely on mass incarceration.

Second, because of the Trump administration’s criminalization of prospective asylum seekers and undocumented migrants, the vast majority of detainees are either Central American families fleeing horrific violence or law-abiding Central American and Mexican members of American society. About 58 percent of detainees have no criminal record, and only 20 percent have been convicted of serious felonies (including selling marijuana).

I do want to call out the blatant lies that these two leftwing professors push as well. We can start with the fact they attack the for profit detention centers. They then hint at those facilities relying on ‘mass incarceration’ to make the profit. What they don’t tell you is that their policies are what is allowing for these facilities to be so full. The owners of these facilities are not putting innocent people in them they are putting people who enter the country illegally in them. The idea that there is something immoral about that is nonsense. If the Democrats secured the border and allowed for broader immigration reform that didn’t incentivize illegal immigration these facilities would have fewer people in them which in turn would allow for the conditions in them to be better. The problem is not the fact they are for-profit the problem is the Democrats want Open Borders.

Also, the fact that one in five has a criminal record is not something that should be bragged about.

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