NYT journo: “more to be told” on Biden Ukraine Scandal

New York Times reporter Ken Vogel admitted there was more to the Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal.

Washington Examiner:

A New York Times reporter says Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden faces a “significant liability” in a developing story about allegations that the former vice president may have pressured the Ukrainian government on behalf of his lobbyist son Hunter.

Potentially damaging details have yet to be reported, journalist Ken Vogel said during a cable news appearance Friday in which he additionally warned that President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who want Biden to be investigated for potential conflicts of interest, have gotten some of the facts wrong.

Vogel’s reporting, which includes a May 1 story that helped generate renewed scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s ties to an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch, also flies in the face of Joe Biden’s dismissal of the controversy on Friday when he said “not one single credible outlet has given any credibility” to Trump’s claims of possible misconduct.

The situation involving Biden’s son working for Burisma Holdings “is a significant liability for Joe Biden,” Vogel said during a panel led by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. “There is a story here. We’ve told some of it. There is more to be told. We are going to continue to sort of pull that back.”

“That said,” he continued, “the way that Rudy is inserting himself into it is both not helpful, I think, to Rudy and to Trump because it kind of jumbles it. He’s getting the facts wrong, and he is making it appear as if this is just a partisan hit job, whereas if he would just kind of leave the reporters to do the work on it, I think that, you know, potentially this story might be taken more seriously.”

Here is the full clip:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp9i_fioBUA&w=560&h=315]

I love how even when a story is bad news for Joe Biden it becomes President Trump’s fault. New York Times reporter Ken Vogel admitted a few things here.

The first is that there is a major double standard in the Media. He said that if this was Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr there would be a lot more coverage of it.

The second thing that he admits is that there is a lot more to come out about this. He said even members of the Obama Administration had issues with this.

The final interesting thing Vogel admits is that Trump is pushing this so the Media will cover it. Vogel knows that unless forced the Mainstream Press will happily stay silent about it.

Even with all of these things being true somehow Vogel and Wallace used this story as a club to bash President Trump. They claimed that the way they are going about it makes it look like a partisan hit job. Vogel said that President Trump and Rudy Guiliani should just wait for the New York Times to do their reporting. This is a horrible idea. The New York Times failed in its coverage of the Obama White House. The New York Times fails in its coverage of  Democrats all the time.

It is not up to New York Times reporters to dictate whether the President’s way of doing things is correct. Ken Vogel should care about the facts, not how the White House plans on using these Joe Biden scandals.

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