NY POST: Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run again?

Conservative Columnist Michael Goodwin penned an OP-ED for the NY Post claiming that   Hillary Clinton may run for President of The United States again. At first glance it’s likely  you would dismiss this like I did. However he makes some very important observations that at least turned me into believing there very well may be a possibility for her giving it another shot.


First, because there’s no clear front-runner for the nomination 18 months into Trump’s presidency, Clinton remains the closest thing to an incumbent. She’s also got numerous advantages, from name recognition to campaign experience to an off-the-shelf Cabinet, that could give her a head start.

Second, a crowded, diverse field diminishes the chances of anyone knocking her off. Recall how Trump outlasted 16 GOP rivals by having a committed core of supporters that grew as the field shrunk. Clinton could be in a similar position — unpopular among many, but also unbeatable by a single opponent.

Third, looking ahead to the 2020 primaries, she sees no reason to fear the favorite daughters and sons in key blue states. She would almost certainly beat Sen. Kamala Harris in California, Sen. Cory Booker in New Jersey and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.

And please — forget Sanders and Joe Biden. Sanders is already 76 and Biden, at 75, has never been a viable candidate for president and still isn’t.

Fourth, money is not an issue. Some donors will resist Clinton at first, but any Dem nominee can count on all the money in the world to run against Trump.

Hillary Clinton will have no issue slipping into the clothes of whatever part of the party she needs to. If she needs to become like her farther left counterparts she will. If she feels a more moderate tone is what is needed she will use that. Hillary has no actual beliefs she has strictly a want for power. I’m not sure any of the other Democrats have that ability. The ability to have appeal wider than your base is key and as much as people don’t like Hillary she certiantly has a wider appeal than Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

All this hinges on two things,

Does she think she can win?

Is she healthy enough?


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