Norway: Muslim Who Murdered 5 With Bow And Arrow Was On Terror Watchlist, Yet UK’s Sun Insists “Motive Unknown”


The establishment media continues to pretend that there is no Islamic jihad.


“BOW TERROR Norway terror attack – Muslim convert, 37, flagged on terrorist watch list before shooting 5 dead in 35 minute rampage,” by Patrick Knox, The Sun, October 14, 2021:

NORWEGIAN cops have confirmed a bow and arrow attacker who last night ruthlessly slaughtered four women and one man was on a terror watchlist.

The 37-year-old Muslim convert went on a half hour killing spree in the town of Kongsberg as cops desperately hunted him down following reports he was randomly targeting people.

The horrific attack unfolded in the small town of Kongsberg, home to about 25,000 people 50 miles west of Oslo after about 6.30pm local time.

As well as the five killed, two were wounded.

The suspect, who lives in the Kongsberg area, has been held in custody, had has admitted he carried out the attacks. He was believed to have been acting alone.

Police were alerted at 6.12 pm to a man shooting with a bow and arrows in Kongsberg, some 41 miles southwest of Oslo.

Officers made contact with the suspect but he escaped and was not caught until 6.47 pm, 35 minutes after the attack began, Chief of Police Ole Bredrup Sæverud said at a press conference.

He believed the maniac did not start killing people until police arrived on the scene.

After giving cops the slip, he randomly targeted people in what is being investigated as a terror attack.

The chief of police said: “There has previously been worrying information about this man linked to his radicalisation which the police have followed up. But in 2021, we have not received any warnings about him.”…

One told TV 2: “There were crazy screams of women. I’ve never heard anything like it. It was a death cry.”…

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