No one is picking the Lions tonight but they should be

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 22: Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions drops back to pass during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Ford Field on December 22, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. The Falcons defeated the Lions 31-18. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

No one is talking about the Lions. ESPN has the Seahawks with an 80% chance of winning this game and almost everyone considers this game a lock for Seattle. Now we all know the resume that Seattle has put together. Winning a Superbowl in 2013 and they were a single run play from winning another one the next season. They have a young Quarterback in Russell Wilson who is undefeated in home playoff games and is as good of a quarterback as anyone else in the league. With all of that being said this team is not the Seahawks we have seen over the past few seasons. Their offensive line is poor. Their running game is nonexistent. If we look at this defense we see a team that is missing one of its biggest weapons. Earl Thomas is guy that erased mistakes. He is a player that had chemistry with Sherman and Chancellor. They did things off instinct. You can’t replace that. If Thomas is in the lineup the Lions have no chance. Sadly, for Seahawks fans he isn’t in the lineup and this can spell doom for them.

Now, I understand the Lions also aren’t coming into this game as good as they could either. They have lost three straight, their Quarterback is less than 100% and history is certainly against them. With that being said I am going to pick them to win this game. Before the season many counted this team out. With Calvin Johnson retiring, this team had lost its best receiver and was seen as a team that would most likely be mediocre. Well they exceeded expectations. They haven’t lost a step in his retirement. Tate caught for more than 1000 yards and Marvin Jones was only 70 yards from hitting the 1000-point mark as well. Both of these guys are explosive and have big play potential. Add Ebron and Boldin to this mix and you have an offense that can be dangerous when clicking. The Seahawaks have Doug Baldwin and well that’s about it. Jimmy Graham has looked better but hasn’t quite been the addition they once thought he would be. I also trust the Lions offensive line more.

According to Pro-Football focus PFF O-line metric stat the Lions line ranks 21st in the league with a 68.4 rating while the Seahawks rank 29th with an anemic 61.2. Also keep in mind that the Seahawks benefit greatly in this stat from the play of Justin Britt (80.5 personal rating) so without him in the lineup it is scary how bad this O-line is. In a game that is going to be won and lost in the trenches this gives the Lions a significant advantage. Not only will they be able to keep Seattle’s run game as lack luster as it has been all year but they can keep Wilson from making the “Homerun” plays. I also think that the Lions will find a run game tonight. No Zenner isn’t going to rush for 150+ yards but he also won’t need too. All they need to do is be competent in this area and let Stafford do the rest. If Zenner keeps Seattle’s defense on their toes, then I like the Lions chances in this game. This game will be close and will likely come down to one or two big plays. With the way Seattle has looked since losing Thomas I am putting my money on Stafford to make one more play than Russell Wilson tonight and win this game.

Score Prediction:

Lions win 17-14

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