New Poll debunks idea that White identity politics is widespread across US

A new Pew Poll debunked the idea that White Nationalism is widespread across the United States.


Blacks are more likely than Hispanics or Asians – and much more likely than whites – to say that their race is central to their identity. About three-quarters of black adults say being black is extremely (52%) or very (22%) important to how they think of themselves; 59% of Hispanics and 54% of Asians say being Hispanic or Asian, respectively, is at least very important to their overall identity, with about three-in-ten in each group saying it’s extremely important. In contrast, just 15% of whites say being white is very or extremely important to how they think of themselves; about two-thirds say it’s either only a little important (18%) or not important at all (47%).

Whites and blacks younger than 30 are less likely than their older counterparts to say their race is at least very important to their overall identity. Some 64% of black adults ages 18 to 29 say being black is at least very important, compared with roughly three-quarters or more among older age groups. And while relatively few whites across age groups say being white is central to how they think about themselves, whites younger than 30 are among the least likely to say so.

Among Hispanics, those born abroad are more likely than those born in the U.S. to say being Hispanic is at least very important to how they think of themselves (65% vs. 52%)

This is important because it debunks the left’s narrative that White Supremacy is rampant across the US. At the very best only 15% of White Americans view their skin color as important. All of these people aren’t white nationalists either which means our number of those we are promoting ‘white supremacy’ is likely far lower.

The scarier part of this is the fact that the left’s identity politics push has created a more racially focused America among all other groups.

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