New Evidence Proves Trump Won Georgia?

2020 election update.

The Federalist wrote an article titled “new evidence indicates enough illegal votes in Georgia to tip 2020.”

This article outlines another 35,000 Georgia residents who could have voted illegally.

From Federalist:

New evidence indicates that more than 10,300 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 2020 general election — a number that will continue to rise over the next several months, potentially exceeding the 12,670 votes that separated Joe Biden and Donald Trump.


When Davis ran the data, he found that, of the approximately 35,000 Georgians who indicated they had moved from one county to another county more than 30 days before the November general election, as of May, more than 10,300 had updated their voter registration information, providing the secretary of state the exact address they had previously provided to the USPS. Those same 10,000-plus individuals all also cast ballots in the county in which they had previously lived.

“That number continues to increase every day as more and more people update their registrations,” Davis said. “I have little doubt that the total number will eventually meet and then exceed President Biden’s margin of victory in Georgia.” Davis, who has testified as an expert witness multiple times in disputed election cases, believes Trump might have won a challenge to the Georgia election results had a court actually heard his case.

“Under Georgia law, a judge can order an election be redone if he or she sees there were enough illegal, irregular, or improperly rejected votes to cast the results of the election in doubt, or if they see evidence of ‘systemic irregularities,’” Davis said.

“These issues were absolutely systemic,” Davis stressed, noting “they occurred in every county in the state, in every state house, state senate, and in every congressional district in the state.”

This is a big deal.

As Trump said people are starting to realize just how stolen the 2020 election was.

Georgia was one of the worst states.


Marjorie Taylor Greene just dropped a bomb on Twitter.

Not only did she say she backs the audit in Fulton County but she also pointed out that just the Fulton County audit will likely be enough to prove that Trump won Georgia due to Biden’s small margin of victory.

No wonder the media and Democrats are getting nervous.

More from Bernie Kerik:


Trump just released a statement responding to the developments in Fulton County. 


Recap on what is going on in Fulton County:

Huge update out of Fulton County. 

Documents obtained by Just The News from the prior audits in Georgia have raised serious alarms over how secure the 2020 election was.

From Just The News:

Documents that Georgia’s largest county submitted to state officials as part of a post-election audit highlight significant irregularities in the Atlanta area during last November’s voting, ranging from identical vote tallies repeated multiple times to large batches of absentee ballots that appear to be missing from the official ballot-scanning records.

The problems in predominantly Democratic Fulton County potentially impact thousands of ballots in a presidential race that Joe Biden was certified as winning statewide by fewer than 12,000 votes.

The memos reviewed by Just the News include the handwritten tally sheets for all absentee ballots counted by the county as well as a private report from a contractor hired by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to monitor the Atlanta-area election process. The report, which chronicled seven days of problems, recorded troubling behavior like the mysterious removal of a suitcase of sensitive election data known as polls pads, used to authenticate voters.

Here are the problems the memos show:

More than 100 batches of absentee ballots — each containing approximately 100 or more ballots — were assigned tracking numbers before being sent to one of the five absentee vote-counting machines in Fulton County but are not subsequently recorded in the handwritten logs showing which batches were scanned and counted, raising concerns the ballots may be missing.

More than two dozen batches of absentee ballots were identified as having been double-scanned on the tally sheets.

Five sequential batches of absentee votes each appeared with the exact same vote count of 392 for Biden, 96 for President Donald Trump, and 3 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, a count that state officials admitted was a statistical impossibility.

Many control sheets for absentee ballot batches counted during the state’s audit did not check a box indicating the ballot came from a secure container, raising the possibility that ballots were stored insecurely or that multiple batches of ballots were sealed in a single container.

Remember Fulton County officials admitted that they were missing proper chain of custody for over 18,000 ballots.

A Fulton County Election official admitted that the chain of custody documents for some 2020 absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes are missing.

385 transfer forms out of around 1,565 are missing.

RINO Secretary Of State Brad Raffensperger also announced an investigation into it.

Although, there is no reason to trust him at this point:

Georgia Secretary Of State Says He Will Investigate Fulton County Ballots Lacking Chain Of Custody

The 2020 election was a disaster. 

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