New England Patriots call out New York Times for pushing “false narrative”

    The battle between Donald Trump and the New York Times is a spectacle to watch. The New York Times continues to push an anti-narrative and has gotten called out for it on many occasions.

    The newest New York Times scandal comes over twitter. Yesterday the New England Patriots visited The White House to celebrate winning the Super Bowl. We all can remember Gronk interrupting Spicer’s press conference and the iconic Instagram photo of Gronk fist bumping the Potus.

    The New York Times took to twitter in an attempt to further their narrative and attempted to turn this into a bad thing for Donald Trump.

    The picture above was sent out attempting to show how many members of the Patriots staff didn’t visit The White House. At first glance, you’re shocked to see just how many members of The Patriots staff decided not to visit the Potus.

    That was until The Patriots called them out on it.

    For a journalistic institution to get called out in this way should be eye opening to everyone who still believes in the “integrity” of The New York Times. A Pro Football Franchise was forced to correct them on their coverage of our U.S President.

    The only truth behind this tweet was the fact that less players did visit President Trump. 50 players visited Obama in 2015 while 34 visited Trump.

    The New York Times was caught red-handed pushing a narrative without facts to support it. They attempted to trick the American public into believing the Trump boycott was much worse than the reality of the situation.

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