Nearly 1/4 of California Border Illgeals have a mental disorder

According to a new study from Rice University, almost 25% of illegals at the California Border have a mental illness.


The study, conducted by Rice University, found that, out of the sample 250 Mexican illegal aliens living in California near the U.S.-Mexico border, nearly 25 percent suffered from a mental disorder, including depression, anxiety, and panic disorder.

“The estimates obtained in this study for depression and anxiety disorders were considerably higher in this population when compared with estimates for the general U.S. population,” one of the researchers noted.

More specifically, roughly 14 percent of illegal aliens living near the southern border said they suffered from depression, while eight percent said they had a panic disorder. Another seven percent said they had general anxiety.

The study also found that four percent of the illegal aliens studied had substance abuse issues. Researchers said that result was on par with the national U.S. average and minimized the overall findings of the study. “This finding defies existing stereotypes that contribute to stigmatization of and discrimination against Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. without documentation as a population with high prevalence of substance use,” lead author Luz Garcini said

This study is important because it shows another issue with illegal immigration. That is the mental stability of some of the people who come over. By no means am I stating that all illegal immigrants suffer from a Mental disorder but as this shows enough will that it is an issue. People suffering from depression, anxiety and panic disorder are all things that can lead someone to commit crimes and are all things that stop people from being successful. This is a story that won’t make headline news but is something the American people must know.

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