NASCAR: We are undergoing a “gradual shift in position on guns”

NASCAR admitted that they are going through a “gradual shift in position on guns”.


After decades of NASCAR drivers literally turning left for hours every race day (road course races excluded, of course), the governing body appears to be taking a figurative left turn, politically.

K-Var, a retailer in outdoor and shooting sports products, reports that it was told it would need to edit/change an ad submitted earlier this year it had intended to be included in NASCAR’s official program. The problem, apparently, is that the K-Var ad included depictions of “assault-style rifles/sniper rifles.” Presumably, the offending firearm is an AK-variant manufactured by Arsenal.

NASCAR’s official media sales agent told K-Var (as well as other potential advertisers), that the racing organization is undergoing a “gradual shift in (its) position on guns,” which would appear to include NASCAR determining it is now opposed to the lawful manufacture, sale, and/or possession of what it refers to as “assault-style rifles/sniper rifles.” Or, at least, the organization is opposed to advertising such items.

This seems to follow a trend of head-scratching corporate decisions to alienate a significant percentage of current and potential customers.

We’ve seen Dick’s Sporting Goods, Levi Strauss & Co., and several banks decide they needed to offer their corporate support to the extremist anti-gun agenda. In the world of automotive entertainment, we’ve seen monster truck promoters determine that they don’t need to worry about offending law-abiding gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment. And who can forget Yeti?

The part to look at here is the fact that they are basically repeating left-wing talking points.

The NRA’s write-up exposed this:

The term “assault-style rifle” is simply a derivation of the anti-gun term “assault weapon,” used to describe modern semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK platforms. These are the most popular rifles in America, with roughly 16 million of just AR variants in circulation as of 2018. Whether used for hunting, competitive shooting, plinking, or personal protection, law-abiding citizens have owned these kinds of firearms for over half-a-century.

The term “sniper rifle,” on the other hand may be even more troubling for NASCAR to be using. In plain English, they seem to be talking about rifles designed to be precise at great distances. In other words, hunting rifles. One of history’s most famous military snipers, Carlos Hathcock, regularly used a bolt-action .30-06 rifle, the Winchester Model 70. Many readers who hunt have likely used the same rifle when hunting game, and the caliber is one of the most popular hunting rounds.

The left may have infiltrated and destroyed the last Pro-America sports organization. These corporations are falling for the propaganda put out by the Mainstream Press that Americans are just so tired of the Second Amendment.

The worst part of this is how corporations are declaring war on free expression. Corporations are openly declaring war on American values and I don’t think they fully understand the backlash they might end up facing.

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