NARRATIVE FAIL: Under Trump, the US giving more money to UN Refugee Agency than Obama administration

According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies under Donald Trump, the US is giving more money to the UN Refugee Agency than under Obama.


While refugee admissions are down, the Trump administration remains committed to refugee protection. The United States is still the largest donor to the UN Refugee Agency: $133,795,709 for 2018 by the Trump administration compared to $125,000,000 for 2017 by the Obama administration. While the Trump administration decided to end its participation in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, it is still part of the Global Compact for Refugees. The U.S. endorsement of the “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” and participation in both Global Compacts were decided by the Obama administration. President Trump’s commitment to the Global Compact for Refugees is definitely worth following.

Here is a list of the main donators to this agency.

Contributions Pledged in 2017 for 2018

The 10 highest contributions are as follows:

  • United States: $133,795,709
  • Germany: $111,597,227
  • Sweden: $104,900,814
  • European Union: $101,280,643
  • Denmark: $53,896,383
  • United Kingdom: $47,022,322
  • Canada: $46,913,622
  • Netherlands: $46,574,973
  • Norway: $42,603,003
  • Australia: $26,179,019

Only three Arab countries contributed in 2017:

  • Qatar: $6,200,000
  • Kuwait: $4,425,000
  • United Arab Emirates: $3,400,000

Turkey pledged $300,000, but it is worth noting that it is now hosting some 3.4 million refugees.

France pledged $123,084, less than half of what it pledged in 2016.

The mainstream media once again flopped as it pertains to their narrative on Trump hating refugees. He is still helping refugees worldwide the only difference is that he isn’t going to risk the security of Americans to do it.

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