Nadler To Retire?

Rumors are now swirling that Rep. Jerry Nadler(D-NY) might retire.

According to two Nadler associates, he might retire after his term is up.

The report did stress he is yet to make his mind up.

Nadler is currently 74 and has health issues.

From The New York Post:

Rep. Jerry Nadler, a liberal warhorse who has represented Manhattan’s West Side in Congress since 1992, may pack it in at the end of his current term, insiders tell The Post.

“People are wondering when he would decide to retire,” said one associate, who noted that Democrats could lose control of the House of Representatives next year, with Nadler facing a prolonged future in the minority.

“He has a fighting spirit but maybe now is the time to exit,” the insider added.

A second person around Nadler said the congressman has refused to give a straight answer when the subject comes up. Nadler, like every member of the House, would be up for reelection in the 2022 midterms. He is unlikely to face a serious primary.

Though the 74-year-old has long been a vigorous and vocal legislator, some say age and ill health have finally caught up with him. Two people who saw him recently said he could barely walk.

Nalder has been caught falling asleep during hearings:

Watch: Jerry Nadler Seems To Fall Asleep During AG Barr Hearing

Jerry Nadler Falls Asleep On The Job Again

He also bizarrely claimed Antifa was a “myth.”

Jerry Nadler Claims Antifa Violence In Portland Is A “Myth”

Jerry Nadler should do Americans a favor and retire!

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