My reaction to Donald Trumps historic speech

    Below are excerpts from President Trump’s speech last night(The ones in bold are from his speech).  I will look at key points of his speech and what they mean for the future of America.

     But what will America look like as we reach our 250th year? What kind of country will we leave for our children? I will not allow the mistakes of recent decades past to define the course of our future:

    I wanted to start with this question and point.  This was the first thing that really struck me because it is so true. What vision do we want for America moving forward? Do we want to live in an America that gets used by other countries? Do we want to be an America that is the world’s police force yet struggles to fix the issues its own country has? Do we want to live in an America run by social justice warriors? Social Justice warriors that have one duty: to censor and oppress people whose views oppose their own. Trump shows us here he is going to fight against those oppressors because he cares about America.

     Then, in 2016, the earth shifted beneath our feet. The rebellion started as a quiet protest, spoken by families of all colors and creeds, families who just wanted a fair shot for their children, and a fair hearing for their concerns.

     But then the quiet voices became a loud chorus, as thousands of citizens now spoke out together, from cities small and large, all across our country.

    Finally, the chorus became an earthquake, and the people turned out by the tens of millions, and they were all united by one very simple, but crucial demand, that America must put its own citizens first, because only then can we truly make America great again:

     Let’s translate: Trump winning the election was a certified rebellion. It showed that people were done being oppressed by political correctness and were tired of being ruled by corrupt politicians. Politicians that claim they are angels when in reality they are more like Devils. They keep people from speaking out against them, by branding them racists, sexist, homophobes, and islamophobia. They use their power to rip off citizens around the world for their own personal gain. They receive funding from dictators in war-torn regions. America had enough of this tyranny. Trump makes the point that America isn’t truly great yet and that the war against these people has just begun.

     And with the help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we have formed a council with our neighbors in Canada to help ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to the networks, markets, and capital they need to start a business and live out their financial dreams:

     I added this in for one reason. Everybody said Trump wouldn’t get along with world leaders So far he has. Everybody claimed he was against Women’s rights, one of the first things he did was hold a meeting with a group of influential women to hear their concerns.

     We will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted:

     It has been suggested that the CIA has allowed drugs to come into this country for years. They have made deals with cartels that if they allow them to smuggle drugs into this country undetected these cartels would give them vital national security info in return. Trump doesn’t come right out and say it in this quote but the people who are guilty of these injustices understand that he is coming for them.

    We want all Americans to succeed, but that can’t happen in an environment of lawless chaos:

     Protestors you have every right to protest. Hold up signs, dress up however you would like. Speak your mind so that you may be heard. Rioters, on the other hand, you are doing nothing but dividing America further. All you are accomplishing is the destruction of your own cities, towns, and neighborhoods and making it harder for America to be unified.

     For that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border:

     People have been skeptical about the Wall and what it may do. This has been a joke many lefties have used to try and make Trump look bad. Well, when talking to people that actually live near the border almost all of them tell us that they want the wall. Sheriffs in those regions say it would actually be a huge help with policing crime in the region. Yet the social justice warriors who live nowhere near there or have even visited these areas choose to tell them they are wrong to want this. Build the Wall!

     As we speak tonight, we are removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our very innocent citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak, and as I promised throughout the campaign. To any in Congress who do not believe we should enforce our laws, I would ask you this one question: What would you say to the American family that loses their jobs, their income or their loved one because America refused to uphold its laws and defends its borders?:

     Once again, beautifully put by Trump. The goal of these reforms is not to stop people from becoming citizens but to make sure only the right people do become Citizens. If you are a detriment to American culture, you don’t belong in our country.

    And, to his point, what if this affected you somehow. If one of these illegal immigrants killed a member of your family. Or if your family was struggling financially and illegals were taking a job that a member of your family could hold. Would you still feel that same on immigration?

    We can see from the reaction of Jamiel Shaw, whose 17-year-old son’s life was cut short due to an illegal immigrant gang member who had just been released from prison. This young man had a great future ahead of him. This young man was going to be a quarterback in college. He was going to be a great asset to society. Instead, his life was cut short and it was because the government failed to do their job.

     Our obligation is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the United States. We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism:

     I have written so much on this I’ll keep this short. The President’s first priority is national security. Thank God we have one who is worried about protecting us rather than being politically correct.

     That is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures, and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm:

     All Trump and his supporters want is MORE vetting. We don’t want a total ban on any country or group of people. We just want better vetting to make sure the right people are coming into this country. Sadly, finding the right answer takes time and that is why a TEMPORARY ban is necessary.

     As promised, I directed the Department of Defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy ISIS, a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered Muslims and Christians, and men, women, and children of all faiths and all beliefs. We will work with our allies, including our friends and allies in the Muslim world, to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet:

     Not much else to say besides AMEN?

     I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following goals: to improve jobs and wages for Americans, to strengthen our nation’s security and to restore respect for our laws.

     If we are guided by the well-being of American citizens, then I believe Republicans and Democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades:

     So Trump is saying he is open to letting people into this country as long as it doesn’t comprise America’s safety. He also states that he wants to work with Democrats (the non-social justice warrior ones) to make a plan that works for both sides.

    On this and so many other things, Democrats and Republicans should get together and unite for the good of our country and for the good of the American people:


     Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity. Thank you

    And Ryan is looking down right now. You know that. And he’s very happy because I think he just broke a record

    For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom. And we will never forget Ryan:

     Trump correctly quotes the bible. The respect he showed to Ryan and his wife is beyond comprehension. All members (besides a few Democrats) stood and paid their respect to this young lady and her husband. Her reaction is something you can’t put into words, so just watch below.


    We strongly support NATO, an alliance forged through the bonds of two world wars, that dethroned fascism …

     … and a Cold War and defeated communism.

     But our partners must meet their financial obligations

     We expect our partners, whether in NATO, in the Middle East or in the Pacific, to take a direct and meaningful role in both strategic and military operations, and pay their fair share of the cost — have to do that:

     America has been ripped off by this alliance for years. America has been forced into being the world’s police force and keeping this alliance together financially. Without America, NATO would be nothing. Trump isn’t calling to leave this alliance. He is calling for the other members of the alliance to do their part. He is calling for the other members to hold up their end of the bargain.

     My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America:

     Trump was elected to be the President of the United States of America. He was elected by the American people for the American people. His number one duty is not to protect the world. His number one duty is to protect the American people. I’m not sure Trump could have said it any better.

    We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same great American flag. And we are all made by the same God:

    Believe in yourselves. Believe in your future. And believe, once more, in America.

    Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States:

    Just loved the ending wanted everyone to be able to read it.

    This speech was a speech that I smiled while listening too. This speech oozed of every reason I voted for Donald Trump. He left the Social Justice Warriors who tried and are still trying, to take him down speechless. He left all the ladies who decided to wear white glued to their chairs. Republicans and Democrats both stood behind Trump after this speech. West Virginia’s Democratic Sen Joe Manchin talked about sides coming together to fix the many issues that plague our country. Trump is not opposed to people who disagree with him. He is opposed to corruption. He will work with the Democrats that have America’s best interest in mind (and encouraged this throughout the night) and not the ones who are in it for themselves. Sanders and Pelosi almost had a heart attack listening to Trump shatter their dreams and show them that the revolution is just beginning. Political Correctness is gone. The Swamp will be cleared. These lefty extremist are no longer going to be allowed to hide. Trump is not a Republican, Trump is not a Democrat, Trump is an American. He has people on both sides of the aisle that want to see him fail. Last night’s speech showed all of them they are no longer safe. As Americans, we should all feel a little better about our country after last night. We finally have a President whose priority is the American people instead of the corrupt politicians in Washington.

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