“Multiple Severe Security Flaws”–Security Experts Admit Flaws In Voting Machines

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The truth about the 2020 election continues to pour out.

We now have security experts who are admitting that there are “multiple severe security flaws” in Georgia’s touchscreen voting machines.

Of course, the experts still had to toe the mainstream media line and say there is no evidence these flaws were used in the 2020 election.

From Newsweek:

Security experts say there are real flaws with voting machines that need to be fixed, but despite the many claims from former President Donald Trump and his supporters that the election was stolen from him, experts disagree, the Associated Press reported.

According to a sworn declaration, security expert J. Alex Halderman said he identified “multiple severe security flaws” in Georgia’s touchscreen voting machines that should be addressed to protect the integrity of elections.

However, Halderman told AP that he saw no evidence that the flaws were exploited during the 2020 election, yet “there remain serious risks that policymakers and the public need to be aware of” and need to be fixed for future elections.

This is just more evidence we need a full forensic audit in all 50 states.

The only way to tell if these machines were comprised is a full forensic audit.

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