Mueller muzzling Paul Manafort “selectively prosecuted” claim

NPR’s Carrie Johnson reported that Mueller is moving in on Manaforts attempt to claim he was ‘selectively prosecuted’.

Law and Crime:

Let’s go back to July 24, when the government and the defense both quibbled about things they each argued should not be mentioned at trial. Prosecutors wanted references to “selective prosecution” out of evidence and the defense wanted references to the Trump campaign out of evidence. Judge Ellis denied both motions as moot in an order because the parties agreed they had no plans of introducing that sort of evidence at trial.

At the time, Manafort’s defense said that it had no plans to argue that Manafort was victimized by “selective prosecution.” Team Mueller was crystal clear that that mentioning their “motives” in prosecuting Manafort would not fly in front of the jury, and Judge Ellis was was generally sympathetic.


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