MS-13 member tried to sneak into U.S as unaccompanied minor as part of migrant ‘caravan’

Breitbart Texas reported that a member of MS-13 tried to sneak into America as an unaccompanied minor.


Border Patrol officials told Breitbart Texas that the MS-13 gang member who presented himself as an unaccompanied minor and the group he traveled with were part of the Central American “migrant caravan.” Individuals from and portions of that caravan are now arriving on U.S. soil.

Agents assigned to the Yuma Station came upon a large group of 61 illegal immigrants who crossed the border Monday afternoon near the San Luis Port of Entry in southern Arizona. The illegal border crossers consisted of a single Mexican national, 59 Guatemalans, and one Salvadoran who claimed to be an unaccompanied minor, according to information provided to Breitbart Texas by Yuma Sector Public Affairs officials.

“We questioned the members of the group and confirmed they are part of the caravan of Central American’s who are reported to be traveling to the U.S.,” Border Patrol spokesman Justin Kallinger told Breitbart Texas.

After taking the group of 61 foreign nationals into custody, agents determined that one of the people claiming to be an unaccompanied minor was actually an adult. The Honduran man also confessed to being a member of MS-13 and said he was headed to Los Angeles.

Border officials said that more than 90% were unaccompanied minors which is age range 1-17. As we have reported Trump has decided to send the National Guard to the border to protect from the migrant Caravan that was coming. Although Mexico stopped the giant Caravan they allowed many to stay in Mexico and they are now pushing towards the U.S border. CNN reported that a bus full of migrants were all claiming they were going to the border.

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