Mike Lindell: We’re Going After Dominion “In The Biggest Way Possible”

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Mike Lindell continues to go after Dominion.

While on the War Room Mike Lindell announced he was going to be filing another lawsuit against Dominion and Smartmatic.

From The War Room:

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is going on offense against Dominion and Smartmatic, announcing another lawsuit against the voting machine companies for stifling free speech.

“We’re going after them in the biggest way possible,” Lindell told War Room on Friday. “We’re including Smartmatic. They’re the mother ship.”

Lindell said not since 1798 has a company used lawsuits in this manner to threaten dissent and chill free speech.

“This is the first time that any company has done something like this,” since the 18th century, Lindell said. “Can you imagine if we let this go?”

“I want to go after them,” he said. “My Pillow is going after them because what they did — this is our first amendment right. By using lawsuits to suppress the First Amendment so news stations can’t even have people on, people afraid of their own shadow, ‘If I say the word ‘Dominion.’”

What does Mike Lindell know?

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