Mike Lindell Endorses Lin Wood For South Carolina GOP Chair

Update on the Mothers Day Biker for Trump Rally.

While speaking at the Bikers for Trump rally Mike Lindell endorsed Lin Wood for South Carolina GOP Chair.

Trump endorsed Drew McKissick who is the incumbent.

From Newsweek:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell promoted Lin Wood’s candidacy for South Carolina GOP chair at a Biker for Trump rally on Sunday.


“Everything is affected by politics,” Lindell said. “That’s why it’s so important that we get people like Lin Wood put in. He’s going to be chairman of the GOP party of South Carolina. We need to get back to where it’s for the people.”

“I’ve met hundreds of politicians now, both Democrats and Republicans, and I can tell you that there is probably maybe 15, maybe three hands that I can count them on, that are like President Trump, where it’s for the people, making decisions for the people,” he continued.

Here is a video of him talking about Dominion at the rally:


Click to watch the full video

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