Migrants “Cheat and Lie” to Exploit System – Danish Immigration Minister


Denmark’s Minister of Immigration and Integration says that many “asylum seekers” take advantage of Danish generosity and sympathy by lying and exploiting the system.

In an op-ed for BT, Inger Støjberg slammed the abusive behavior of a “significant group” of migrants, asserting that she is working to tighten policies and close loopholes.

“I know that the left-wingers, the cultural radicals and all the nice ones will be in flames as soon as they read the following sentence: Some days I sit in my office with a clear feeling that a significant group of refugees and family reunited who have come to Denmark cheat, deceive and run around corners with our confidence,” Støjberg wrote. “I am really sorry that this is the case, because I would like to be able to be described as trusting. Who wouldn’t? I see and experience too much in daily life here at the Ministry to maintain this basic trust.”

Støjberg cited examples of how “asylum seekers” scam their way through examinations, and into bigger housing and more lucrative government handout programs – much of which would not be possible without the guidance of leftists and open borders activists.

She explained that there are social media groups providing migrants with answers to Danish language tests that are used to assess integration, but that taxpayer-funded interpreters are also provided to “needy” foreigners, creating a scenario where immigrants can essentially escape ever having to learn the local language.

Støjberg also revealed a problem all too common across Europe – migrants who lie about their age to benefit from immense resources and preference showered upon ‘unaccompanied minors.’

“We also see it when it comes to young people who come here and lie about being 18 years of age so that they can get better treatment and more offers,” she said. “An unaccompanied minor costs over half a million kroner (~$81,000) per year, and it is actually the case that 2/3 of those whom we later age test prove to be older than they originally reported. That is why we are all in doubt about age.”

“Fortunately, there are still honest refugees and family members,” Støjberg concluded. “I am often told that I must highlight them instead of producing sinners. But honestly speaking – it should not be necessary to praise a refugee or family reunited in order not to deceive, to take advantage of welfare benefits, or to lie in the process of asylum.”

“On the contrary, they should be deeply grateful to us for not only providing protection, but feeding them and providing great help to get started in Denmark. They are even suddenly part of a welfare society the likes of which they have never known.”

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