MI Witness: Truck Full Of Mail-In Ballots Showed Up At 4 A.M

A Michigan Witness told the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee that a truck full of mail-in ballots showed up at 4 A.M the day after the election.

Now, once again it is important to point out that this alone doesn’t prove fraud. However, this also needs to be looked into. Why were these ballots delivered at 4 A.M on the night after the election? You would think these ballots would have come in much sooner.

It is not a conspiracy theory to question whether are not this ballot dump was fraudulent.

President Trump was winning in Michigan until this ballot dump came.

Key Points:

-Trucks full of Mail-In Ballots come in at 4 A.M

-Timing of the ballot dump was suspicious

-No one seems to have answers

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