Media-Driven Hysteria? CNN’s coverage of H1N1 far different than Chinavirus

Thanks to great research from the Twitter account Bodiaz Rising, we can now see just how different CNN covered H1N1 compared to the Chinavirus.

After reading this thread I just decided to go and look at what CNN’s homepage is.

Here is the screenshot:


It is amazing how perfect this screenshot is for representing what this article is about. CNN is doing all they can to put up the most hysterical headlines up regarding the Coronavirus. They put a global death rate of Chinavirus right next to news about President Trump. They throw the CDC Director’s warning next to it saying “There’s a long war ahead”. This is all done to create a hysterical reaction over this virus.

Is the Chinavirus a big deal? Yes. There is no question that this is a dangerous virus that will hurt the elderly.

However, that does not let CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Press off the hook. They are pushing this simply to attack President Trump. Intially they downplayed the virus. They attacked Trump’s Travel Ban and compared it to the Flu. Once they realized Trump made the right move they began overplaying the virus. The effect of this Fake News is more than just the lies. The Fake News pushed by these outlets crashed our stock market. They created a hysterical narrative that turned our economy on its head. Rather than a booming economy with record low unemployment we are now looking at maybe Great Depression levels of unemployment. Rather than high GDP growth we are going to be in the negative for the foreseeable future. This doesn’t even factor in the Big Governments programs that will be needed to fix this. We are already looking at Billions in government spending just to prop up American families. This is needed for sure. The reason it is needed because we have shut everything down. The government is responsible for people being put out of work. Our only hope for a quick turn around is that a cure is found within the next few weeks.

Of course, the hacks in the Mainsteam Press are underplaying the real story. That story is that the evil Chinese Communist Party is responsible for this Virus. As we reported yesterday had the Chinese acted just three weeks earlier the spread of Chinavirus would have decreased 95%.

Study: If Chinese gov had acted earlier Chinesevirus cases would have been 95% less

If our Media cared they would be giving wall to wall coverage of how evil the Communist Chinese Party is. They would be running headlines calling for them to rebuild our country. They would be calling on other world leaders to hold China accountable.

Instead, the Media crashed our economy, drove Americans crazy with fear and have forced the government to intervene in the lives of everyday Americans like we have never seen in the history of this country.

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