Media Double Standard Called Out After Biden Bike Incident

Earlier today Joe Biden fell off his bike in front of a small crowd.

Many pointed out how embarrassing this was for the country.

The media has covered the story but that is as far as it has gone. No, follow-up stories. No questioning of Biden’s fitness for office.

They didn’t treat Trump the same way.

When he walked down a ramp slowly they made it into a national scandal.





Let me clarify the point for the media.

We don’t think Biden is unfit for office because he fell off a bike one time. We think Biden is unfit for office because he could barely campaign throughout the campaign because he didn’t have the stamina. We think he is unfit for office because every time he speaks to the media he gaffes up. We think he is unfit for office because he has embarrassed America multiple times on the world stage. Look around Biden’s America is a complete disaster – everyday Americans are worse off. Can anyone think of one sector of American life that is better off because of Biden?

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