McCain Aide! Anti-Trump dossier was only supposed to come out if verified

According to David Kramer, a former aide to the late John McCain the anti-Trump dossier wasn’t supposed to come out unless it was verified.


Kramer did say that after Steele’s name surfaced, the ex-British spy told him that the publicity “was causing considerable problems for him.”

Kramer also recalled Steele telling him, “Yeah, he said this wasn’t supposed to happen this way.”

“I said the same thing to Mr. Simpson,” Kramer added, “that this was only supposed to have been released or posted and published if it had been verified.”

Kramer was referring to Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of the controversial Fusion GPS firm, which hired Steele to do the anti-Trump work that resulted in the compilation of the dossier.

Fusion GPS was paid for its anti-Trump work by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee via the Perkins Coie law firm.

This is another bombshell regarding the anti-Trump Dossier. We now see that even the author of the Dossier Christopher Steele and the guy who gave it to the FBI McCain aide David Kramer didn’t want the Dossier to come out. So this raises the question why did it come out and who decided it was time for it to come out? Let’s be honest, this is more than just Buzzfeed wanting to run the story.

It is becoming more and more clear that members of the deep state decided from the beginning they would use this to take down President Trump whether it was verified or not.

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