Matt Walsh calls for brutal Purge of the Catholic Church after Pedo scandals

Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire called for a brutal purge of the Catholic Church after more revelations regarding not only Pedophilla but also the covering up of it by the Catholic Church.

The Daily Wire:

The Catholic Church in the West is beset by a plague. An infection. A virus that must be rooted out and utterly destroyed. There must be a purge in the Church. And the purge must be ruthless and brutal and uncompromising. Unfortunately the laws in our country will not allow us to hang these priests — much less burn them at the stake, as poetic as that would be — but they can be exposed everywhere, shamed, rebuked, and hopefully locked in a cage for the rest of their mortal lives.

I think Catholics have been tempted to believe that the scandals are behind us. Cardinal McCarrick and now this case in Pennsylvania show that this is nothing but wishful thinking. The cancer has not been fully removed. And the reluctance of most priests and bishops to come forward, even now, and speak passionately and publicly against these crimes, yet again shows that the problem is not in the past. The predators and the cowards who aid and abet them remain.

The good priests and bishops must come out and rebuke with righteous fury. Statements of “sadness” and “grief” will not do. Cardinal Wuerl’s limp-wristed lament about the “tragedy” of sexual abuse is insufficient. It is not just a tragedy. It is wickedness straight from the pit of Hell. That is what needs to be said. We don’t want to hear about tragedies anymore. We want to hear the wrath of God called down upon the heads of the perpetrators. We want you to show us that you are disgusted and enraged, or else we will suspect that you don’t care — or worse.

And names must be named. For every priest who raped a boy, there could well be at least one more priest who knew about it and remained silent. And those priests are almost as guilty as the rapist. Cowardice is a moral evil. And there has been quite a lot of that kind of evil — and many other kinds of evil — infecting the hierarchy of the Church. So all of the evildoers must be purged. Exposed. Shamed. Thrown out. Imprisoned. All of them. That is the only way forward now. There is no other way. And every Catholic who loves God and truth and justice must demand it.

Matt Walsh is right on the money with his calling of a purge within the Catholic Church. Pedophilia is one of the driving forces around peoples negative view of the church. However, the pedophilia alone isn’t the issue it is the coverup by higher-ups in the Catholic Church as well.

The Catholic Church needs to show the people it will stand behind these abused children and take care of the priests who abused them.

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