Manchin Deals Blow To Biden’s Climate Agenda

Dem Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) continues to halt Biden’s agenda.

He is now putting a stop to parts of Biden’s radical climate agenda.

Manchin has said that he opposes the key climate measure in Biden’s package.

Manchin’s vote is needed to pass the bill.

From NPR:

President Biden had promised to halve U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030, but an essential tool the administration planned to use to achieve that goal now appears out of reach.

The New York Times reported Friday that Sen. Joe Manchin, a conservative West Virginia Democrat, has indicated to the White House that he opposes the key climate measure in Biden’s multitrillion-dollar climate and social programs package.

The president needs the support of all 50 Democratic senators in order to pass the measure through a process known as reconciliation.


From Committee To Unleash Prosperity:

Joe Manchin is, of course, from West Virginia – one of the leading states in coal and natural gas production. He appears to have just wiped out the most economically damaging features of the $3.5 trillion Govzilla bill: the so-called Clean Electricity Performance Program, which would have penalized states if they failed to meet Biden‘s Stalinist goal of 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Manchin rightly views this as a war on coal. As Politico reports that he is insisting on “a path forward for natural gas and coal plants,” which seems eminently sensible given that coal and natural gas account for the majority of U.S. power production.

Good for Manchin. Good for West Virginia and good for the country. The Biden mindless war on American energy is already wreaking havoc in the global energy markets with gasoline prices here headed to $5 a gallon. And he’s only been in office for 10 months.

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