China Test Nuclear-Capable Low-Orbit Hypersonic Missile–US Officials Stunned

Back in August, China tested a low-orbit hypersonic missile.

The missile is nuclear-capable.

This stunned US officials.

From Breitbart:

U.S. intelligence agencies were caught by surprise when China secretly tested a nuclear-capable low-orbit hypersonic missile in August, the Financial Times reported Saturday. The weapon circled the globe before descending upon its target, missing by about two dozen miles.

The Pentagon is aware China has been working on hypersonic weapons technology and other advanced missile systems, unburdened by any of the arms control treaties that impede competing programs in the United States and Russia, but the August test – conducted without advance notice, warning, or publication – reportedly stunned analysts who thought the Chinese were much further behind in the orbital arms race.

“We have no idea how they did this,” said one of the Financial Times’ U.S. intelligence sources. Others described China’s progress as “astounding” and “far more advanced than U.S. officials realized.”

China expert Gordon CHange issued a warning saying that this means the US would have no warning at all if we were attacked.

From Newsmax:

China probably won’t launch an attack using a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile on the United States, but if it did, that strike would happen without any warning because of the nature of the technology, China expert Gordon Chang warned on Newsmax Monday.

“We have nothing comparable, which means that if China wanted to it could nuke the U.S. and we would have no warning at all,” Chang said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” commenting on reports that China had tested one of the missiles in July. “With ballistic missiles, we have maybe 25 minutes, a half-hour of warning.”

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