Man Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail For Participation On Jan 6th “Capitol Riot”

Robert Reeder has been sentenced to 3 months in jail for participation in the Jan 6th so-called “Capitol Riot.”

From WUSA9:

A federal judge sentenced a Maryland man to three months behind bars Friday for his role in the Capitol riot – saying he hoped it sent a message to other participants that they wouldn’t be avoiding responsibility.

Robert Reeder, of Harford County, Maryland, appeared before U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan on Friday morning for his second attempt at sentencing on one count of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. Reeder’s previous sentencing hearing in August was upended when the online group Sedition Hunters surfaced new video showing him grabbing and pulling a police officer onto the ground on January 6.

At the time, the Justice Department was asking for Reeder to spend two months behind bars – arguing he was “proud” of his participation in the riot. After the new videos were found, though, prosecutors increased that request to six months. Reeder’s attorney, Robert Bonsib, described the contact with police in court Friday as a “reflexive, defensive action.”

Reeder himself told the judge he has been unemployed for 10 months, and that his relationships with his son and family have been severely damaged.

“I’m radioactive,” he said. “No one wants to hire me. They just have to Google my name.”

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