Mainstream Media only spent 6 minutes covering Obama detaining children at border

According to a Newsbusters, the Mainstream Media only spent 6 minutes covering Obama detaining children at the border.


And while the policy has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans (including President Donald Trump himself), the networks have either completely dismissed or mostly ignored the similar policies in place during the Barack Obama years. In fact, the New York Times actually criticized Obama in a July 18, 2016editorial, “Mr. Obama’s Dubious Detention Centers.” 

The Times scolded: “These privately run, unlicensed lockups are no place for children. Or mothers. Their existence belies President Obama’s oft-professed concern for the humane treatment of people fleeing crime and violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.”


In total the networks devoted just 6 minutes and 29 seconds (barely 3 percent of the coverage) to discussion of Obama’s detaining of children, 1 minute and 37 seconds of which was spent denying the Obama or other past administrations had engaged in policies matching those of the current administration. 

These same news outlets have spent a total of 176 minutes covering the story during the Trump Administration.

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