The Mainstream Media has begun whining over the fact that General Kelly has stopped the leaks coming from The White House.


Kelly shared his frustrations with media coverage at the White House, revealing a conversation with one reporter who called him their “worst nightmare” for drastically reducing leaks from administration staff.


This is — it’s personal, it’s vicious. … I did my first off the record — that was immediately violated. But after about six weeks in a job one of the reporters said to me, “Look you were our worst nightmare. This place was a clown show before you showed up. We didn’t think this president would last a year [or] 18 months. Now that you’re here, there’s order to the place. The leaks all but went away. So, sorry but you got to go.” So here I am, sitting, still here.

This is an amazing admission by this reporter. It is basically admitting not only to journalist actively wanting to take out the Trump administration but that they are declaring war on Gen. Kelly for him stopping all the leaks coming from The White House.