Maine Democrat pushes propaganda regarding Voter Fraud Commision

A Maine Democrat by the name of Matthew Dunlap is pushing Propaganda in order to act like Voter Fraud doesn’t exist.


“That the Commission predicted it would find widespread evidence of fraud actually reveals a troubling bias,” Maine’s Secretary of State and former commission member, Matthew Dunlap, stated in a letter issued Friday.

In the letter addressed to Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Dunlap, a Democrat, wrote that he joined the commission in “good faith” and with “optimism,” but that his experience with the bipartisan group left him skeptical of the intention of the study.

“Unfortunately, my experience on the Commission quickly caused me concern that its purpose was not to pursue the truth but rather to provide an official imprimatur of legitimacy on the President Trump’s assertions that millions of illegal votes were cast during the 2016 election and to pave the way for policy changes designed to undermine the right to vote,” Dunlap said in the letter.

The commission released documents on June 27 after Dunlap filed a lawsuit in Novemberagainst it in an effort to gain access to materials and documentation he felt was being kept from him and other members of the committee. The suit alleged that Pence and Kobach were in violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which has special emphasis on open meetings.

“It’s calling into the darkness, looking for voter fraud,” Dunlap, told The Associated Press. “There’s no real evidence of it anywhere.”

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which Trump created in May 2017 and then shut down in January of this year, after citing “endless legal battles” was headed by Vice President Mike Pence, even though it’s vice chair, Kobach, became the face of the commission’s controversies.

Now, there is a major problem with Sen. Dunlap’s response to this.

The first is that the committee only met two times before being shut down. If they were able to actually complete the task of the committee then we could make an accurate conclusion on the number of illegals who have voted in prior elections.

This is sad but predictable. Once again the left refuses to allow Voter Fraud to be looked into. First, they sue and they make it almost impossible to keep running. Then they claim the probe was a failure because it found nothing. The truth of this is that the probe barely got off the ground and there was no chance of it being successful without more support behind it.

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