Lindsey Graham Confronted Over Him Pushing Biden’s Judges Through

The Palmieri report previously reported on Tucker Carlson exposing how Lindey Graham is helping push Biden’s judges through.

From The Palmieri Report:

During a segment on his show, Tucker Carlson exposed RINO Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC).

He exposed that although Graham claims he is a Conservative he is working to help Biden.

He pointed out that Graham has voted to advance all of Biden’s judges to this point.

He is the only Republican on the Judiciary to do so.

This has allowed the Biden administration to set records as it pertains to getting radical judges confirmed.

Now, we have this.

Someone finally confronted Lindsey Graham.

Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt confronted Lindsey Graham on him helping push Biden’s judges through.

Graham’s defense that this was how the Constitution was meant to work and he expects the Democrats to do the same when Republicans are in the White House.

Does Lindsey Graham really expect Democrats to play fair? 

He can try and talk away his fast-tracking of Biden judges all he wants but the simple truth is that thanks to Graham radical left judges who have no business on courts in the US are on the court.

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