Federal Court Sides With DeSantis–Won’t Stop Ban On School Mask Mandate

Major win for freedom from masks.

A federal judge sided with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis(R) and refused to stop his ban on school mask mandates.

From FLKeysNews:

A federal judge in Miami Wednesday declined to block Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on public school mask mandates, saying the parents of students with disabilities who sued the governor had not exhausted all remedies at their schools to accommodate their children’s needs before bringing the case to court.

The 12 parents, whose children go to school in eight school districts across the state, including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, had argued that their children, due to health conditions, were at particular risk of becoming ill or dying from COVID-19 if any of their peers attend school in-person without facial coverings.

U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore sided with DeSantis, whose lawyer, Rocco Testani, countered that the parents’ dissatisfaction stemmed from remote learning options at their schools, and they had to address those issues with their schools.

“Thus, the Court finds that under the circumstance presented in this case, Plaintiffs’ failure to exhaust their administrative remedies renders their requested relief to be out of line with the public interest,” Moore wrote in his order, denying the parents’ suit to stop DeSantis’ July 30 executive order. “Only after Plaintiffs have availed themselves of their administrative remedies would their requested relief be, potentially in line with the public interest.”

DeSantis announced the ban on school mask mandates back on July 30th.

DeSantis said “Many of these kids are already immune through prior infection. They’re at virtually zero risk for significant illness.”

From Fox4Now:

Governor Ron DeSantis is promising parents their kids won’t have to wear masks in school.

He made that announcement in Cape Coral Friday morning, saying he would back up that promise with an executive order.

Despite the current surge of COVID-19 cases in Florida, DeSantis said he wants parents to choose whether their kid should wear a mask in the classroom. The room at the Two Meatballs in the Kitchen restaurant was filled with applause as Governor DeSantis made the announcement.

“I’ll be signing an executive order which directs the Florida Department of Education and Department of Health to issue emergency rules protecting the rights of parents to make this decision about wearing masks for their children,” said DeSantis.

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