Mike Lindell: 19 Cyber Attacks From China Flipped 5 States To Biden

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Mike Lindell continues his fight against voter fraud. 

Back in February, The Palmieri Report reported on an interview with Mike Lindell in which he said that 60% of the election cyberattacks in the 2020 election came from China.

Lindell: 60% Of Election Cyber Attacks Came From China

Now, we have this.

According to Mike Lindell, he has evidence that 19 cyber attacks flipped five states from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

When the Mainstream Press ignores something it is usually because they are scared that it is true.

Remember how hard they pushed to find out evidence regarding the phony Russia collusion narrative?

Why do they have no interest in this story?

Trump’s DNI outlined that China did in fact, attempt to influence our election.

Of course, the Deep State has tried to hide this fact and blame Russia.

DNI Says China “Sought To Influence” 2020 Election

Analysts: China’s Effort To Influence The 2020 Election “Far More Extensive” Than Reported

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