Liberal Supreme Court Justice Speaks Out On Trump’s Election Case

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It has been widely reported that the Supreme Court ducked Trump’s 2020 election case.

Rather than deal with the facts of the case, the Supreme Court decided to simply not hear it.

Now, we have this.

During an interview with Chris Wallace, Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer spoke out on Trump’s election case.

Rather than push back on the specifics of the case he simply said it didn’t meet the “normal criteria” for a Supreme Court case.

From Breitbart:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that they did not hear President Donald Trump’s 2020 election case because it did not meet “normal criteria.”

Anchor Chris Wallace said, “One of your arguments against seeing the court’s political is the fact that it refused to even hear the appeals from the Trump campaign about the 2020 election. Didn’t even hear it them.”

Breyer said, “Why was it? Because they didn’t bring a case, I guess, that met the normal criteria for being heard. When we decide to take a case, there has to be four votes to take it, so I can’t go beyond that. What we do know is that there were not for votes to take it because it wasn’t taken. There are criteria, and if we don’t take a case, you know, the reason in all likelihood is that the criteria weren’t met.”

Does Breyer care to comment?

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