WOW: RNC Report Confirms 2020 Election Cheating

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The RNC is now admitting that the 2020 election was full of cheating.

A new report released by the RNC exposes widespread issues all across the country.

From The Washington Examiner: 

A months-long investigation into the 2020 presidential vote has revealed that Democrat-run cities and states used the COVID-19 crisis to change the rules that likely helped Joe Biden’s ascent to the White House.

The Republican National Committee report found several cases where Democrats used the virus as an excuse to scuttle voter identification rules, flood mailboxes with ballots, and limit poll watching and vote count observations.

“The pandemic brought chaos and comprehensive changes to voting processes beginning in the spring primaries and lasting through the post-election process,” said the 23-page report from the RNC’s Committee on Election Integrity created by Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

“Democrats, including some public officials, used the pandemic as a pretense to achieve long-sought policy goals such as expanded mail voting and the elimination of key safeguards, specifically for absentee voting, such as witness and ID requirements,” added the report provided to Secrets.

Here are some of the issues the report found:

Democrat leaders leveraged the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to water down election integrity safeguards by ramming through last-minute changes to the election process.

Many changes were enacted by courts that disregarded long-standing laws, by Democrat governors who abused their emergency powers, and by officials such as secretaries of state who ignored state laws duly passed by their legislatures.

Some public officials used the pandemic as a pretense to expand mail voting and eliminate key absentee voting safeguards such as witness and ID requirements. Policies such as automatically mailing ballots to all voters and waiving ballot delivery deadlines also led to chaos and decreased confidence in our elections.

Make sure to read the full article at The Washington Examiner. 

The report also outlined Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s money dumps all across the country.

This should have been done BEFORE the 2020 election.

Everyone knew the steal was coming and nothing was done to stop it.

It should never be allowed to happen again.

Of course, there was more fraud then is likely even admitted in this report:

Dr. Peter Navarro’s fraud analysis lays out how bad states were:

So, why did the RNC do so little to stop the steal in 2020?

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