LEFT-WING Journalist compares leftists believing in collusion to believing in the tooth fairy

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 21: Special counsel Robert Mueller (L) arrives at the U.S. Capitol for closed meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee June 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. The committee meets with Mueller to discuss the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Mathew Walther, a left wing writer for The Week dumped cold water on leftists still believing in the theory that Trump colluded with Russia.

The Week:

Perhaps the best argument I have seen in favor of repealing President Trump’s pointless tax cuts is the superabundance of disposable income American liberals apparently spend on things like Robert Mueller bobble-head dolls, “Mueller is Coming” and “It’s Mueller time” T-shirts, Mueller “prayer” candles, and even children’s booksfeaturing a super-buff bare-chested but tie-wearing Mueller lookalike hero. Turning the affectless head of a special counsel investigation into some kind of badass comic-book character who is going to rescue America from the nefarious clutches of — I wish I were making this up — “President Ronald Plump” could not be more childish. Goodness knows how many adults really believe all this stuff.

I feel bad for them, in the way that I feel bad for kids who are about to discover that the Tooth Fairy is fake. After 17 months of appending compound adjectives (“Russia-linked,” “Kremlin-backed”) to the names of an increasingly obscure cast of characters accused of things like sending spam emails and holding pointless meetings that went nowhere, it looks like we are finally getting close to the end of the Mueller probe. A report in Politico suggests that what skeptics have argued for more than a year and a half is true: namely, that Mueller and his team have not found any smoking-gun evidence of “collusion” between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government because no such collusion took place.

This is insane to hear from a leftist publication like The Week. For over a year now Conservatives have been calling this entire investigation a sham. There has from the beginning been little to no evidence supporting the conspiracies made up by the left.

There is an even deeper admission in here however. That admission is that the left views the Mueller probe as the only way to end the Trump presidency. Regardless of what they tell you they know he’s doing a great job. They know they can’t argue with his economic success. They know they can’t argue with his immigration policies. Due to this the only way they can get Trump out is through him having colluded with Russia. That is why it is necessary in their minds to believe in something that has almost no evidence to back it up.


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