Lawyer Issues Warning About Peter Navarro Indictment – “Extremely Dangerous Precedent”

The weaponization of power by the RINOs and the Biden administration has become one of the scariest parts of Biden’s presidency.

If you dissent at all from what they believe they go after you. Sometimes it is censorship, other times it is a media smear campaign.

The worst case so far has been the Jan 6th panel’s arrest of two key Trump allies. The two who have been arrested so far are not people that committed any violence that day. They aren’t people who encouraged violence that day. They simply refused to comply with a panel that has shown their only goal is to get President Donald Trump.

One of those arrested is Peter Navarro who gave the chilling details of his arrest during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

From The Palmieri Report:

Navarro explained that he had told the FBI that if they were to arrest him he would in fact cooperate.

Instead of the FBI telling him or his lawyer, they arrested Navarro while he was in an airport. They put him in handcuffs and leg irons and said he was denied food, water, and an attorney.

Alan Dershowitz wrote an article for the Gatestone Institute issuing a warning about just how bad of a precedent this is setting.

Dershowitz says the indictment “violates several provisions of the Constitution and should be dismissed.”

From Gatestone Institute:

The indictment of Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress violates several provisions of the Constitution and should be dismissed. Navarro has a strong claim of executive privilege that should be decided by the courts before any indictment can lawfully issue.

Navarro’s indictment violates several key constitutional rights, including due process, fair warning and executive privilege. It also violates the separation of powers, under which the courts have the authority to resolve conflicts between the legislative and executive branches over claims of executive privilege in response to legislative subpoenas. Due process and fair warning require that these issues first be resolved by the courts before an indictment can be issued.

The Biden Justice Department knows the law and it should not be acting lawlessly to make political points. I do not support the events of January 6, 2021, as do many Americans. Congress has the right to investigate them and issue appropriate subpoenas, but they must comply with the Constitution. Legitimate ends do not justify illegitimate means, and issuing an indictment of a former executive decision without first obtaining a judicial order is an illegitimate tactic.

Indicting a former executive official who has claimed privilege without first securing a judicial ruing is an extremely dangerous precedent. It is dangerous not only to former government officials but to ordinary citizens. Consider a citizen who refuses to answer Congressional questions about conversations with her priest or medical doctor — or a lawyer who refuses to disclose confidential information he received from a client. If this indictment is allowed to stand, these citizens too could be indicted before their claims of privilege were adjudicated by a court. A dangerous precedent indeed — to the rule of law, the Constitution and the rights of all Americans.

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