Keith Olbermann Wants Biden To Ban Trump, Other Key Conservatives From Holding Office

The left is now showing their true colors.

They are complete wannabe tyrants.

Former MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann called for Biden to ban Trump and other key conservatives from holding office.

From Breitbart:

Fired ESPN talker Keith Olbermann posted a video to Twitter calling on Joe Biden to “ban” Donald Trump, several elected Republicans, and Trump supporters from ever running for office because they are “insurrectionists.”

Olbermann posted his spittle-specked video on Thursday, calling for the disenfranchisement of Trump, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, Florida congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Subpoenas issued, ignored, mocked. Traitors, crooks, sadists, racists, gun fetish psychos, seditionous congressmen, plotter of coup d’etat, still strung out on stupidity, and impunity, and ready to do it all over again…. and they’re not even the real problem,” the ex-sports commentator blathered. ” WE are.”

“One year gone, and if the midterms only go as badly as midterms usually go, only one year left,” Olbermann added.

Olbermann went on to blast the lack of a special prosecutor who he thinks should now be making “life a living hell” for Trump supporters such as “Bannon, and Miller, Goser and Boebert, Jordan and McCarthy, and Trump.”

Keith Olbermann was one of the biggest pushers of the Russiahoax.

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