Buzzfeed News got their hands on the “Mueller Memos” after winning a court case against the Justice Department.

Buzzfeed News:

In response to a court order, the Justice Department released the first installment of documents: hundreds of pages of summaries of FBI interviews with witnesses, available here for the first time. Another installment will be released every month for at least the next eight years.

The documents revealed Saturday, known as “302 reports,” are summaries of interviews with former White House official and Trump campaign manager Stephen Bannon, Cohen, Gates, and more. They are some of the most important and highly sought-after documents from Mueller’s investigation. They reveal what key players in the campaign told FBI agents about Russia, Trump, the email hack during the 2016 presidential campaign, and Trump associates’ handling of the special counsel’s investigation.

Mueller’s 448-page report last March was the most hotly anticipated prosecutorial document in a generation, laying out the evidence of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and the Trump administration’s efforts to obstruct the inquiry. The report, however, reflected only a small fraction of the billions of primary-source documents that the government claims Mueller’s team may have amassed over the course of its two-year investigation.

Those documents are a crucial national legacy, a key to understanding this important chapter in American history. But the public has not been allowed to see any of them. Until now.

Why exactly was this stuff released? Do we now live in a country where after someone is investigated for a crime you can just release every part of it to the Public?

The Gateway Pundit pointed out most of the docus released were private communications between members of the Trump Campaign.

Most of the documents released today are emails sent between members of President Trump’s campaign. So now, thanks to the Deep State, Americans get to see all of the emails and private conversations from the Trump campaign.

This again shows what a hack Website Buzzfeed is. This is just another example of the Mainstream Press attempting to keep the Russian collusion-delusion alive.

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