JOURNALISM IS DEAD: WaPo journalists refuse to cover Jeff Bezos negatively

Research done by The Daily Caller News Foundation found that The Washington Post refuses to cover Jeff Bezos negatively.

The Daily Caller:

In response, Bezos addressed the accusations in a LinkedIn post that was subsequently printed in TheNYT.

This post never made it into the pages of Bezos’s own paper — which he purchased two years earlier, according to a search by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The easiest explanation for why WaPo employees have refrained from scrutinizing its owner is that they don’t want to rock the boat. After all, media jobs are hard to come by, and it is easy to see Bezos’s ownership as a rock of stability.

However, as The Daily Caller points out this is a ridiculous excuse. The Washington Post employees are demanding higher wages and seem not to care about job stability when they want something for themselves.

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