Josh Hawley’s Fundraising Has Boomed Since He Challenged Electors

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has seen a boom in fundraising since he challenged the electoral college results on January 6th.

From Axios:

What’s new: Digital fundraising appeals sent by the National Republican Senatorial Committee under Hawley’s name raised more money in February than those of any other senator except NRSC Chairman Rick Scott.

The NRSC has a Hawley-branded page on the fundraising platform WinRed, asking donors to “help end cancel culture and take back the Senate majority!” It also sent at least two fundraising emails last month under Hawley’s name.

Scott (R-Fla.) was another of the eight senators to vote against certification, but fears it also might dent NRSC fundraising do not appear to be bearing out.

Hawley’s personal fundraising also has spiked, according to data provided by a source close to his campaign.

From Jan. 1 through March 5, Hawley’s campaign brought in more than $1.5 million from nearly 28,000 donors, the vast majority of whom had never given to him before.

That’s more than 12 times what Hawley raised during the first quarter of 2020, and more than 34 times what he brought in during the first quarter of 2019 — and there’s still more than three weeks left in the current quarter.

Hawley also has received some fundraising help from the Senate Conservatives Fund, which has been bundling contributions for him.

This is a huge story.

For starters, it shows where the base of the Republican party stands. This proves that not only is standing up for the truth the right thing to do but it is also the most politically beneficial.

Hawley stood up for his voters and they thanked him by sending massive donations his way.

This should be a lesson for all elected Republicans. Stand by your voters and they will reward you!

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