John Bolton: Mueller indictments ‘strengthen’ Trump’s hand at Putin Summit

In an interview, John Bolton claimed that the Robert Mueller’s indictments actually strengthened Trump’s hand at his summit with Putin.

Washington Times:

John Bolton: New indictment ‘strengthens’ Trump’s hand heading into Putin meeting

National Security Advisor John Bolton says the newly announced indictment accusing Russian military officers of hacking Democratic Party emails and interfering in the 2016 election strengthens President Trump’s hand heading into his Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

“I would say, in fact, it strengthens his hand. It shows that the justice system, the Department of Justice, are aware of these Russian efforts at election meddling, and I think the president can put this on the table and say, ‘This is a serious matter. We need to talk about it,’” Mr. Bolton said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

This is certainly a narrative that has not been expressed by many on the left or in the media. Every Mueller indictment is used as a battering ram to attack Trump rather than being viewed objectively.

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