Joe Biden’s Long List Of Lies From His CNN Town Hall

Below is a compilation of Joe Biden’s long list of lies that he told during his softball town hall on CNN.

He was not the first person in his family to go to college:

President Trump did in fact, mention the Chinese Coronavirus in his State Of The Union:

Joe Biden did say he would lockdown the country:

CNN has been called out for giving Joe Biden a softball for his Town Hall:

Even the Mainstream Press was admitting that CNN gave Joe Biden an easy Town Hall:

For the second time this week, a presidential candidate fielded questions from voters in a town hall setting. But if ABC’s event with President Donald Trump was an icy grilling, CNN’s drive-in conversation with Joe Biden Thursday was more like an affable reunion of old acquaintances.

“Chief, didn’t I meet you when you were chief?” Biden said through a half-smile, pointing at the man preparing to ask him a question. Bill Barrett, a retired police chief who is in his fifth term on city council, wanted to know how Biden will address growing violence in cities and the lack of respect for police and the military.

Barrett confirmed that, yes, they’d met when he was chief. And so it went with several other questioners and Biden during a 75-minute homecoming close by to where the candidate spent his youth.

Trump had few such comfortable moments in his brutal town hall: For his first time as president, regular people got the chance to call him out on his boasting and exaggerations. Biden, by comparison, got a “total pass,” the Trump campaign complained afterward, in a typical lashing of the media. The Democratic nominee made the most of the friendly confines, relaying feel-your-pain anecdotes in mostly grammatical syntax and, until the last half-hour, with high-energy.

The New York Post also called this out:

The New York Post:

Joe Biden was tossed softball questions from mostly all Democratic voters at a 75-minute CNN town hall on Thursday night in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, two nights after President Trump was hammered by uncommitted voters in Philadelphia.

The septuagenarian candidate was asked such questions as how he would keep American workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether he’d benefited from white privilege, and how he would bring the nation together, with little follow up from moderator Anderson Cooper.

With only 12 days until the first presidential debate, Biden attempted to dodge any questions that were remotely difficult and was confronted with only three people who voted for Trump in 2016 — appearing to mock one of them for that vote.

“How ya feeling now, Julie?” a smirking Biden asked Julie Masser Ballay when Cooper said she voted for the president four years ago.

Newsbusters looked into the guest selection and how biased it was against President Trump:

Biden faced 16 total audience questions with 13 coming from Democrats to just three Republicans. When it came to the questions themselves, six were left-leaning, five neutral, and five right-leaning. And perhaps most notably, Biden had a friendly host in rabidly anti-Trump CNNer Anderson Cooper to shepherd him through the town hall’s 75 minutes.

In contrast, the President constantly battled ABC chief anchor and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos while taking questions from 12 audience members. Of that group, four voted for him in 2016, three voted for Hillary Clinton, one for Jill Stein, two that didn’t/couldn’t vote, and one was undefined during the 90-minute program.

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