Joe Biden warns Democrats: “If we don’t win the House, Trump is there for eight years”

In an interview with Politico Joe Biden warned that if the Democrats don’t take the House in 2018 that Trump will be reelected.


There’s energy on the streets, Joe Biden told a few dozen House Democrats in a private session this week, and it should be enough to produce a blue wave in November — but only if they figure out how to harness it.

“If we don’t win the House, Trump is there for eight years,” the former vice president and prospective 2020 candidate warned. Members of the “Blue Collar Caucus“ looked stunned. “I’m serious,” Biden added. “So, no pressure.”

This is a crazy admission from Joe Biden. He is basically admitting that without impeachment or the blocking of Trump’s agenda he will win in 2020. This is far from the media narrative that is being pushed. The media and left are claiming no one likes Trump. The media and left are claiming that he is doing almost nothing. Clearly, the Democrats at the top of their party don’t believe that notion.

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