Joe Biden And Kamala Harris’ Political Futures Are Falling Apart

The Biden administration has been a disaster.

Various crises have been created due to their policies and the American people have turned on them.

A new poll just delivered devasting news to both of them.

Only 22% of Americans would vote for Biden in 2024.

It is even worse for Kamala Harris.

Only 12% would vote for her in 2024.

From The Boston Herald:

The numbers are cringeworthy — 22% and 12%.

That’s the support for President Biden and his VP Kamala Harris in an I&I/TIPP poll that asked who would you vote for in the 2024 election. Even if you doubt the veracity of all this polling, these are poor numbers.

The only good news for Biden, the survey adds, is “no favorite has emerged among the large field of potential challengers to run against Biden in the 2024 primaries.”

Does anyone really believe they got 81 million votes?

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