Jemele Hill is the epitome of ignorance

In an interview, Jemele Hill said that she didn’t think calling Donald Trump a white supremacist was controversial and thought it was like saying ‘water was wet’.  

Here is a partial transcript: 

True Pundit(Click):

“I thought I was saying water is wet,” Hill said. “I didn’t even think it was controversial.”

Hill opened up about the situation on the premiere episode of Dan Le Batard’s “South Beach Sessions,” a new podcast from ESPN’s recently launched Le Batard and Friends Podcast Network.

“I was in the middle of a Twitter conversation, I was replying to somebody. If I was really trying to make a bold statement, I would have added the damn president. I didn’t, I was just talking casually with somebody,” she said. “It wasn’t even original. That’s what is so crazy. I got famous for saying something that wasn’t original. It wasn’t new. It was not breaking news. I thought we all decided this after Charlottesville.”

Hill has also called Trump a “bigot” and “unqualified and unfit to be president.” Le Batard, a longtime friend of Hill, repeatedly called her an “accidental activist” and tried to describe to listeners that Hill is simply a journalist who got caught up in something she is passionate about. But Hill said that her while comments changed her life “in a dramatic way,” she doesn’t regret making them.

“I knew almost immediately that, if I did face some kind of permanent discipline, if I did lose my job, if I was immediately suspended, I was OK with it,” Hill said, as Le Batard added Hill might not have wanted the attention but isn’t the type of person to run from it. 
There is a lot to unpack here. The first is that she didn’t think calling Trump a racist was controversial. This shows us two things. The first is just how little meaning the word racist has to these so-called ‘progressives’ on the left. If someone was an actual racist it should be controversial. If the President of the United States was actually a White Nationalist that should be controversial. The second is that she lives in an absolute liberal bubble. If you really think that Americans voted for Trump wouldn’t take calling him a White Nationalist as an insult then you must have never actually met any.
We can now move to the next quote that jumps out. That quote is “I thought we all decided this after Charlottesville”. Once again this shows great ignorance on her part. Trump never embraced any part of the march in Charlottesville.  The only thing that he said was that there were good and bad on both sides. Of course, this is in a fact. Some of the marchers were simply there to protest people wanting to take down the Confederate Statue. Are these people automatically evil? Of course, they aren’t. 
Finally, we can look at Trump’s policies. Not only has Trump’s policies led to the lowest unemployment for African American and Hispanic’s ever but he is continuing to fight for policies that help both groups. Every study shows that immigration reform helps minority groups more than non-minority groups. No White Nationalist would allow this to happen. They would make sure they would pair immigration reform with other forms of reform targeted at hurting minority groups. 
Jemele Hill is the epitome of ignorance. She has a huge spotlight due to her large Twitter following as well as former work at ESPN. The fact she makes such statements with such little evidence is detestable. She is spreading lies to millions of Americans and takes no responsibility for it. 

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